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Gender Pronouns & Teaching

Late last semester, Tommy Mayberry led a discussion on gender pronouns as part of the ongoing 2018/2019 Inclusivity in STEM seminar series. 

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Pride In STEM

As part of the ongoing 2018/2019 PSEER seminar series Inclusivity in STEM, the steering committee was honoured to welcome Thomas Sasso to lead our most recent discussion.

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Peer Assessment in Senior Engineering Courses

Dr Andrea Bradford, Dr Julie Vale, and Ms. Samantha Mehltretter describe findings from the PSEER funded research program investigating peer assessment in senior undergraduate engineering courses.

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Oh Dear, Oh Dear! I Shall Be Late

In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, is it time for educators to rethink how and what we teach? Dr. Judi McCuaig, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, thinks so.