Gender Pronouns & Teaching

Late last semester, Tommy Mayberry led a discussion on gender pronouns as part of the ongoing 2018/2019 Inclusivity in STEM seminar series. 

Following a guided tour of the history of pronouns, Tommy presented the audience with a series of best practices to promote inclusivity in the classroom. In particular, they suggested that we intentionally and meaningfully foster inclusivity by "creating and maintaining an inviting place around us as teachers".

How can we do this?

Tommy offers the following simple suggestions:

  • Model our own pronouns - in our course outlines, on our websites, and in our email signatures.
  • By announcing our own pronouns out loud on the first day of class (and inviting students to safely share their pronouns - not by directly asking for them, but by creating a space where they feel comfortable doing so). 

A copy of Tommy's slides are attached to this post in case you are interested in reading them. They are full of great resources.

You can read more about Tommy's presentation here.

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