Advisory Committee Membership

See Chapter II, heading Student Program, subheading Establishment of the Advisory Committee

See also Chapter IV, heading Master's degree by Thesis subheading Advising.

See also Chapter IV, heading Master's Degree by Thesis, subheading Department Regulations.

Look for "Area-specific advisory committee membership" below CONTENTS for area-specific guidance if it exists.   

Area-specific advisory committee membership MSC NACS

The Advisory Committee must consist of at least two Graduate Faculty Members, one of which is the student’s advisor. This committee must be established, and an Advisory Committee Appointment form submitted to the Graduate Secretary, he 20th class day of the 2nd semester. The form is available on the University of Guelph Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies website.

After the committee is formed, it is recommended that the student and their committee meet to discuss the expectations for that particular committee (e.g., does committee plan to have regular meetings, when does the student expect to have a proposal meeting, etc.).