Area-specific thesis public lecture and examination PHD AS

Additional regulations specific to the Applied Social Psychology PhD program

In addition to the calendar, the AS program adheres to the following steps:

The PhD Thesis Public Lecture and Examination will consist of two parts, and will proceed as follows. It is the examination Chair’s responsibility to ensure that the procedures below are followed. Note that the chair is in charge of the process and, consequently, does not ask questions to the candidate.

Part I
Chair introduces the candidate and title of the thesis
Chair introduces the examining committee
Chair describes the overall procedure for the defense for the public
Chair signals to student to begin the Public Lecture, which consists of a student presentation that is 20 minutes in length summarizing key elements of thesis. To maintain a professional atmosphere, students are encouraged to not thank committee members and the examination committee during their public lecture.

Part II
Chair initiates Round 1 of questioning, with about 10 to 20 minutes allotted for each committee member, which proceeds in the following order going from the person the furthest away of the thesis to the person the closest (e.g., advisor). Often times
Chair inquires if the student or committee members would like a break.
Round 2 of questioning proceeds in the same order as Round 1
Round 3 of questioning (only if necessary) proceeds in the same order as Round 1
The chair invites questions from the public audience; not more than 15 minutes is allotted.
Following the questions, the chair asks the student and audience members to leave the room and the committee debates the quality of the thesis.