Cognates: Foundations of Psychology Courses

All CCAP students must demonstrate sufficient coverage of 5 foundational areas of psychology (biological bases of behaviour, cognitive-affective bases of behaviour, individual differences, social bases of behaviour, history and scientific foundations of general psychology) before completion of the PhD program, consistent with CPA accreditation requirements. Upon entering the program, the DCT will determine if you have sufficient coverage of all areas (2 upper level undergraduate courses or 1 graduate course in each area (except for the History of Psychology where 1 upper level undergraduate or graduate course is needed). Individual Differences is covered in the CCAP core program. The current University of Guelph graduate courses approved to meet these requirements include: PSYC*6810 for the Biological Bases of Behaviour; PSYC* 7040, OR PSYC*6930, OR PSYC*6910 for the Social Bases of Behaviour; PSYC*6790 for the Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behaviour; and PSYC*6900 History and Systems. At the Masters level, you may consider taking a course that will meet this requirement (optionally).

*Important departmental milestones to achieve during the degree (full-time registration only): Students enrolled in the MA must have their thesis defended in their 6th semester. If this milestone is not met it will result in a “Some concerns” on the student’s progress report.


A student cannot be in two programs at the same time, the expectation is that a continuing master’s student with a doctoral offer for the semester following their last MA semester will defend by the middle of their last MA semester or earlier.

If you are unable to successfully finalize your master’s with the Office of Graduate Studies no later than a week before the start of your first PhD semester, the doctoral offer of admission may become be null and void.