Choleris Lab

Our lab of neuroendocrinology of social behavior has several very cool members. Here they are:  Back to Choleris


Graduate students


Kelsy Ervin, MSc in 2013, PhD student. Rapid estrogenic regulation of social learning in the brain.

Richard Matta, MSc in 2014, PhD student. Brain sites of dopamine regulation of social learning in mice.











Paul Sheppard, PhD student. Brain regions and mechanisms of estrogenic rapid regulation of learning and memory.










Cameron Wasson, MSc student. Behavioral implications of developmental testosterone exposure.










Colin Howes, MSc student. Prenatal exposure to testosterone. Effects on social behavior.










Peter Paletta, MSc student. Estrogen/oxytocin interplay in the regulation of social recognition.










Talya Kuun, MSc student. Involvement of membrane estrogen receptors in learning and memory.









Theresa Martin, MSc. Involvement of brain-synthesized estrogens in learning and memory.

Lab Techncian

Michael Marcotte, MSc


Past graduate students

Amy Clipperton-Allen, MA in 2007 and PhD in 2011

Anna Phan, MSc in 2008 and PhD in 2013

Jennifer Lymer, PhD in 2015

Darryl Bannon, MA in 2009

Christopher Gabor, MSc in 2013

Daniel Palmer, MSc in 2013

Past Post Doctoral Fellows

Caitlin O'Flynn, Ph.D., 2016. 

Riccardo Dore, Ph.D., 2010-2011. 

Past Lab Techinicians

Marian Castro-Labrada, MSc, 2015.