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VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Limited Enrolment Courses

During the annual scheduling process, departments can request enrolment limits based on pedagogical considerations or reasons other than classroom space restrictions (e.g. laboratory capacity, field placements in practicum courses, the need for section monitoring in multi-section courses). The proposed limits must be approved by the Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Registrar.

After course selection and up until the end of the add period, the Assistant Director, Undergraduate Program Services, may identify additional limited enrolment courses based on lack of suitable classroom space.

In establishing and implementing procedures for limited enrolment courses, the Board of Undergraduate Studies recognizes two principles:

  1. a student taking the necessary prerequisites of a limited enrolment course shall be afforded the same opportunity to select that course as a student who has successfully completed the prerequisites, and
  2. selection criteria and procedures for removing students from over enrolled courses shall be followed by all departments and schools.

1997-98 Associate Diploma
VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures
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