University of Guelph 1997-98 Associate Diploma Calendar

IX--Scholarships and Other Awards

General Statements on Awards

The Committee on Awards, established by the Senate of the University, is responsible for the supervision of the administration of awards. In addition, this Committee formulates policies regarding the effective use of funds designated for awards and establishes the terms and conditions attached to the awards. Each college has an Awards Committee which is responsible for the awarding of scholarships and bursaries.

To be eligible for entrance awards, you should be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident entering the 1st year of post-secondary studies for the first time. All in-course awards indicater the semester level in which the award is normally applicable. Full-time and part-time students are eligible for all awards, unless otherwise stated in the eligibility clause. Where applications are required, it is the student's responsibility to obtain an application from and to see that it is returned prior to the deadline date.

Please contact the individual colleges directly for information on Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

1997-98 Associate Diploma
IX--Scholarships and Other Awards

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