University of Guelph 1997-98 Associate Diploma Calendar

VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Continuation of Study

For continuation of study within a diploma program every student is required to satisfy the conditions as set down under Schedule E according to the following criteria:

Schedule E

In general, continuation of study within the program is permitted provided the student:

  1. does not exceed two failures in any one semester and does not exceed, in a given number of course attempts, the number of course failures as listed below;
  2. achieves a prescribed number of 60% level grades as listed below.

If the prescribed number of 60% level grades is not achieved, or if the student fails more than 2 courses in any 1 semester, the student will be required to withdraw from the program for a period of not less than 1 semester, and then shall be eligible to apply to be readmitted to the program at the next time the semester is offered.

The student will be informed with the offer of admission of any special conditions for continuation of study or graduation that shall apply

Course Attempts Maximum Number of Course Failures Permitted
2-10 2
11-17 3
18-25 4
26 or more 5
Minimum Required Number of Courses with a Grade of 60% or Higher
6 1
7 2
8 3
9 4
10-11 5
12-13 6
14 7
15 8
16-17 9
18 10
19 11
20 12
21-22 13
23 or more 14

1997-98 Associate Diploma
VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures
Academic Regulations

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