University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

Courses by Name


Advanced Agroforestry, DAGR*4700
Advanced Vegetable Production, DAGR*4260
Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment, DAGR*2280
Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment, DAGR*2290
Agricultural Extension and International Communication, DAGR*3500
Agricultural Field Studies, AGR*0200
Agricultural Marketing and Policy, AGEC*0210
Agricultural Mechanization and Safety, DAGR*1350
Agrifood System Trends and Issues, AGR*1250
Agroforestry, DAGR*3700
Alternative Animal Agriculture, DAGR*4060
An Introduction to the Horse Industry, DAGR*2800
Anatomy and Physiology I, DVT*1010
Anatomy and Physiology II, DVT*2010
Animal Health, 81-020
Animal Health, DAGR*4010
Animal Nursing I, DVT*3010
Animal Nursing II, DVT*4010
Animal Science, DAGR*2000
Any 100 level Agriculture course, AGR*1XXX
Any 100 level Computing & Information Science course, CIS*1XXX
Any 100 level Mathematics course, MATH*1XXX
Any Agricultural Economics course., AGEC*XXXX
Apiary Management, ENVB*021
Applied Engineering in Agribusiness, 05-015
Applied Mathematics, DAGR*1600
Applied Plant Science, DAGR*1200
Applied Weed Science, DAGR*2210
Beef Production, ANSC*0560
Beef Production, DAGR*3000
Biochemistry and Genetics, DVT*1030
Biology of Plant Pests, ENVB*204
Business Accounting, DAGR*2110
Business Finance, AGEC*0380
Business Finance, DAGR*3110
Business Management, DAGR*3100
Business Marketing, AGEC*0270
Business Marketing, DAGR*3120
Business Project, DAGR*4610
Certification and Safety, DHRT*4050
Chemical Safety and Pest Management, ENVB*018
Chemistry, DVT*1050
Chemistry Today, CHEM*1100
Clinical Nutrition, DFN*3000
Clinical Nutrition II, DFN*4000
Commodity Marketing, DAGR*4100
Commodity Marketing Senior Project, AGEC*0400
Communication Skills, DAGR*2600
Communications, DVT*2030
Companion Animal Management, DVT*2000
Computer Applications, DAGR*1610
Computer Assisted Design, DHRT*4100
Computer Management, DAGR*2630
Computer Systems and Internet, DAGR*4630
Creating Your Business, DAGR*3140
Crop Diagnostics and Recommendations, DAGR*4210
Crop Management I, DAGR*2200
Crop Management II, DAGR*3200
Cropping Systems, DAGR*4200
Culinary Cooking and Wines, DFN*3400
Cultural Food Practices, DFN*2420
Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Selection, DAGR*4050
Dairy Production, ANSC*0120
Dairy Production, DAGR*3010
Dentistry, DVT*4000
Developing Country In-Service Training, DAGR*4500
Diagnostic Techniques I, DVT*3020
Diagnostic Techniques II, DVT*4020
Director's Hour, REG*0900
Discrete Structures in Computer Science, 27-190
Dry Tropics Agriculture, DAGR*3550
English Horsemanship I, DAGR*1850
English Horsemanship II, DAGR*3850
English Horsemanship III, DAGR*4850
Equine Conditioning, DAGR*4800
Equine Reproduction and Selection, DAGR*4820
Equine Stable Management, DAGR*2820
Equine Stable Management, 04-380**renumbered to DAGR*2820**
Equipment and Controls, 05-049
Experiential Education in Agriculture, DAGR*3510
Experiential Education in Equine Studies, DAGR*3880
Experiential Education in Food and Nutrition Management, DFN*3510
Experiential Education in Horticulture, DHRT*3510
Farm Management Senior Project, AGEC*0430
Farm Project, DAGR*4620
Farm Structures and Environment, DAGR*4350
Field Mechanization, 05-039
Field Placement, DFN*4050
Field Studies, AGR*0100
Financial Accounting , AGEC*0320
Financial Control in Food Service, DFN*4100
Floral Design and Retailing, DHRT*4010
Food Preparation, DFN*1050
Food Presentation and Display Techniques, DFN*2410
Food Service Design and Equipment, DFN*2200
Food Service Mathematics, DFN*1150
Food Systems, DAGR*3600
Food Theory, DFN*1000
Forage Crops, 29-021
Forestry, ENVB*012
Foundations of Programming, 27-160
Fruit and Vegetable Production, DHRT*3010
Fruit Production, 53-039
Fruit Production, DAGR*3250
General Chemistry I, CHEM*1040
General Chemistry II, CHEM*1050
Grain and Oilseed Crops, 29-022
Grain Elevator Equipment and Feed Formulation, DAGR*3360
Grain Grading/Seed Production, DAGR*4230
Greenhouse Crop Production, DHRT*3300
Greenhouse Management, DHRT*2000
Greenhouse Management and Crop Production, 53-034
Haematology, DVT*2020
Healthy Cooking, DFN*2400
Horse Care and Stable Duty, DAGR*2810
Horse Conformation and Lameness, DAGR*3810
Horse Feeds and Feeding, DAGR*3820
Horse Health, DAGR*4810
Horticultural Crop Protection, DAGR*4270
Horticultural Field Studies, AGR*0300
Horticultural Weed Science, DHRT*3170
Horticulture Field Experience, z**deleted**DHRT*2650
Horticulture Senior Project, 53-046
Hospital Management, DVT*4040
Human Nutrition, DFN*2000
Human Physiology, DFN*1100
Human Resource Management, DAGR*4600
Humans in the Natural World - a Zoological Perspective, ZOO*1500
Humid Tropics Agriculture, DAGR*4550
In-Service Training, DAGR*2650
Information Management, 26-202
Insect and Disease Management, DAGR*3210
International Development, DAGR*2500
Introduction to Computer Applications, CIS*1000
Introduction to Computing, 27-120
Introduction to Computing and Information Science, 27-170
Introduction to Food Chemistry, FOOD*2400
Introduction to Higher Learning, UNIV*1500
Introduction to Mathematical Modelling, MATH*1050
Introduction to Plant Biology, BOT*1150
Introduction to Programming, 27-150
Introductory Calculus I, MATH*1000
Introductory Chemistry, CHEM*1060
Introductory Environmental Chemistry, CHEM*1300
Introductory Environmental Chemistry II, CHEM*1310
Introductory Foods, HAFA*2700
Introductory Macroeconomics, ECON*1100
Introductory Microeconomics, ECON*1200
Laboratory Animal Science, DVT*3000
Land and Water Resources, 87-022
Land and Water Stewardship, DAGR*3300
Landscape Construction, DHRT*3090
Landscape Design I, DHRT*2100
Landscape Design II, DHRT*3100
Landscape Management, DHRT*1000
Landscape Plants, 53-045
Leadership Skills Development, 38-040
Leadership Skills Development, DAGR*4640
Livestock Evaluation, DAGR*3020
Livestock Production and Management, DVT*1000
Livestock Production Techniques, DAGR*3050
Livestock Systems, DAGR*1000
Machinery Maintenance, DAGR*2360
Management Case Studies, DFN*4200
Management Principles, AGEC*0230
Marketing, DFN*3100
Marketing and Policy, DAGR*2100
Mathematics for Agriculture, MATH*0100
Medical Exercises I, DVT*1040
Medical Exercises II, DVT*2040
Menu Management (Alfred), DFN*3310
Menu Management (Kemptville), DFN*3300
Microbiology, DFN*2430
Microbiology, DVT*1020
Mushroom Production, DAGR*2270
Nursery Management, DHRT*3150
Nursery Production and Arboriculture, 53-033
Oral Communication, 37-016
Organic Production, DAGR*4220
Ornamental Plant Protection, DHRT*4000
Pharmacology, DVT*3040
Planning Farm Buildings, 05-027
Plant Identification I, DHRT*1050
Plant Identification II, DHRT*3050
Plant Propagation, 53-030
Plant Propagation, DHRT*2200
Plants and Human Use, BOT*1200
Pork and Poultry Production, DAGR*4000
Post Harvest Handling and Storage, 53-032
Post-Harvest Handling and Storage, DAGR*4250
Poultry Production, ANSC*0450
Precalculus Mathematics (Offered through the Office of Open Learning), MATH*1040
Principles of Field Crop Production, 83-014
Principles of Food Science, FOOD*2010
Principles of Horticultural Crop Production., 83-015
Principles of Managing Soils, 87-012
Psychology, DFN*2100
Quantity Food Preparation and Service, DFN*4300
Quantity Food Preparation and Service, DFN*4310
Radiography I, DVT*3030
Radiography II, DVT*4030
Residential Garden Design, 59-020
Rural Society, 38-020
Rural Society, DAGR*3640
Sales and Sales Management, AGEC*0280
Sales and Sales Management, DAGR*3130
Sanitation and Safety, DFN*1200
Science of Animal Production, ANSC*0140
Selected Topics in Nutrition, DFN*3410
Sensory Evaluation, DFN*2440
Sheep Production, DAGR*3030
Site Design and Construction, 59-024
Small Engines, DAGR*2370
Small Ruminant Animal Production, DAGR*4040
Soil Principles, DAGR*1300
Surgical and Anaesthetic Principles I, DVT*3050
Surgical and Anaesthetic Principles II, DVT*4050
Swine Production, ANSC*0400
The Animal Kingdom, ZOO*1020
The Complete Beekeeper, DAGR*3610
Turf and Landscape Plant Protection, ENVB*031
Turf Management, DHRT*3160
Turf Production and Management, 53-024
Urinalysis, DVT*2050
Vegetable Production, 53-026
Vegetable Production, DAGR*3260
Weeds and Weed Control, 29-023
Welding, DAGR*3350
Western Horsemanship I, DAGR*1860
Western Horsemanship II, DAGR*3860
Western Horsemanship III, DAGR*4860
Written Communications, 37-013

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
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