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Associate Diploma in Horticulture

The nursery, landscaping, turf and floriculture segments of the horticulture industry are areas of sustained growth and development in Ontario and Canada. The Diploma in Horticulture program provides a basic curriculum in ornamental horticulture and an opportunity to take specialized courses in various components of the industry. Practical experience and training complements the more formal material presented in lectures and provides an opportunity to acquire the practical skills required in greenhouse and landscaping firms.

The Diploma in Horticulture program is offered at all four colleges and prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in landscaping, nursery and greenhouse firms, municipal parks and golf courses, garden centres and private businesses.

Required Courses

Fall Semester 1

DAGR*1200 [0.50] Applied Plant Science
DAGR*1300 [0.50] Soil Principles
DAGR*1600 [0.50] Applied Mathematics **
DAGR*1610 [0.50] Computer Applications *, **
DHRT*1000 [0.50] Landscape Management
DHRT*1050 [0.50] Plant Identification I
REG*0900 [0.00] Director's Hour (Guelph only)

Winter Semester 2

DAGR*2110 [0.50] Business Accounting
DAGR*2600 [0.50] Communication Skills **
DHRT*2000 [0.50] Greenhouse Management
DHRT*2100 [0.50] Landscape Design I
DHRT*2200 [0.50] Plant Propagation
0.50 elective credit; students may also select Independent Study courses with approval

*students at Guelph substitute CIS*1000

**students may be exempted in one or more of DAGR*1600, DAGR*1610, and DAGR*2600 based on successful completion of challenge examination(s). Each exempted course must be replaced with a free elective or an Independent Study course. Students who have a credit in Mathematics or English (or French at Alfred) at the OAC level will automatically be granted an exemption in DAGR*1600 and/or DAGR*2600 respectively.

Fall Semester 3

DAGR*3100 [0.50] Business Management
DHRT*3050 [0.50] Plant Identification II
2.00 elective credits; students may also select Independent Study courses with approval

Winter Semester 4

DAGR*2290 [0.50] Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment (at Guelph)
DHRT*4050 [0.50] Certification and Safety (at Alfred, Kemptville, Ridgetown)
DAGR*4600 [0.50] Human Resource Management
DAGR*4610 [0.50] Business Project
DHRT*4000 [0.50] Ornamental Plant Protection
1.00 elective credit; students may also select Independent Study courses with approval

Horticulture - Electives

Horticulture students must take at least 3.50 elective credits, 3.00 credits of which may be from programs other than Horticulture.

Students may choose one experiential education course as an elective, preferably to be started in the summer before their third academic semester. See the course descriptions for DHRT*3510.





1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
X--Associate Diploma Programs

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