University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

X--Associate Diploma Programs

Degree Transfer Option

Available at Guelph Beginning in Semester 3:

Students from all colleges are eligible to consider the degree transfer option to the 1) B.A., 2) B.Comm. or 3) B.Sc.(Agr.) programs, providing they have completed semesters one and two with a cumulative average of 70%, and providing they have met the basic entrance requirements of the desired degree program. Students may also complete their studies at the other colleges and apply for degree admission following graduation. Credits for courses completed in an Associate Diploma program will be assigned at the time of admission to a degree program as determined by the appropriate program committee.

Note: Diploma students at Guelph are eligible to take specified degree credits as electives subject to the approval of the Director of the Diploma Program and providing a minimum cumulative average of 70% has been maintained.

* Bachelor of Arts Program

* Bachelor of Commerce Program in Agricultural Business

* Bachelor of Commerce Program in Hotel and Food Administration

* Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
X--Associate Diploma Programs

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