University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

Diploma in Horticulture Courses

* DHRT*1000 Landscape Management
* DHRT*1050 Plant Identification I
* DHRT*2000 Greenhouse Management
* DHRT*2100 Landscape Design I
* DHRT*2200 Plant Propagation
* z**deleted**DHRT*2650 Horticulture Field Experience
* DHRT*3010 Fruit and Vegetable Production
* DHRT*3050 Plant Identification II
* DHRT*3090 Landscape Construction
* DHRT*3100 Landscape Design II
* DHRT*3150 Nursery Management
* DHRT*3160 Turf Management
* DHRT*3170 Horticultural Weed Science
* DHRT*3300 Greenhouse Crop Production
* DHRT*3510 Experiential Education in Horticulture
* DHRT*4000 Ornamental Plant Protection
* DHRT*4010 Floral Design and Retailing
* DHRT*4050 Certification and Safety
* DHRT*4100 Computer Assisted Design
* UNIV*1500 Introduction to Higher Learning

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
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