University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

Veterinary Technology

* DVT*1000 Livestock Production and Management
* DVT*1010 Anatomy and Physiology I
* DVT*1020 Microbiology
* DVT*1030 Biochemistry and Genetics
* DVT*1040 Medical Exercises I
* DVT*1050 Chemistry
* DVT*2000 Companion Animal Management
* DVT*2010 Anatomy and Physiology II
* DVT*2020 Haematology
* DVT*2030 Communications
* DVT*2040 Medical Exercises II
* DVT*2050 Urinalysis
* DVT*3000 Laboratory Animal Science
* DVT*3010 Animal Nursing I
* DVT*3020 Diagnostic Techniques I
* DVT*3030 Radiography I
* DVT*3040 Pharmacology
* DVT*3050 Surgical and Anaesthetic Principles I
* DVT*4000 Dentistry
* DVT*4010 Animal Nursing II
* DVT*4020 Diagnostic Techniques II
* DVT*4030 Radiography II
* DVT*4040 Hospital Management
* DVT*4050 Surgical and Anaesthetic Principles II

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
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