University of Guelph 2003-2004 Diploma Program Calendar

VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Academic Load

All students at the University or Colleges are registered each semester either as full-time or as part-time students. The admissions standards are the same for both classifications.


Each program specifies the number of credits that constitute a normal credit load for a semester and students are warned that by registering for fewer credits, the student runs the risk of requiring one or more additional semesters to complete the program. A student who is registered in the normal semester credit requirements for the program (3.00 credits) is considered to be full- time. A student who wishes to register in one course more than the normal course load may do so with the approval of the appropriate program counsellor. An additional course becomes part of the requirements for the semester.


A student who is registered in fewer than 2.00 credits in a semester is considered to be part- time.

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Last revised: 14 May 2003

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