University of Guelph 2003-2004 Diploma Program Calendar

VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Dropping Courses

All course drops from a student's program for a particular semester are to be completed by the dates specified in the Schedule of Dates (refer to Section III). Courses that are one semester long must be dropped by the end of the fortieth class day; two semester courses must be dropped by the last day of the add period in the second semester. The dropping of a course after the deadline is allowed only in exceptional circumstances and requires the approval of the program counsellor of the program in which the student is registered.

Deadline Dates

In all cases, if course changes are made, the "Undergraduate Course Request" form with appropriate approvals must be returned to Academic Records, Office of Registrarial Services by the drop deadline. Refer to Section VI--Schedule of Fees for the refund schedule.

The deadline dates for dropping courses (i.e. the fortieth class day) are noted in Section III--Schedule of Dates.

Instructor Notification

In some cases the instructor must be notified when a student is dropping a courses, for example, where students care for laboratory animals, or where supplies or books on loan must be returned. If instructor notification is required to drop the course, this will be specified on the course outline and announced in the first class meeting.


Refer to Section VI--Schedule of Fees for refund schedule. Normally, changes to the effective date of dropped courses are only allowed for documented medical or compassionate reasons and require the approval of the program counsellor.

Regular Courses

Regular courses may be dropped from the start of the add period to the fortieth class day without approval except where instructor notification is required (see Instructor Notification above).

Two-Semester Courses

When dropping two-semester courses, both semesters of the course must be dropped. Students who wish to re-take a two-semester course must re-take both parts of the course. The drop deadline for a two-semester course is the last day of the add period in the second semester.

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