University of Guelph 2003-2004 Diploma Program Calendar

VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures


Conditions for Graduation

Students in Associate Diploma programs require a minimum of 12.00 credits to graduate. A minimum of 6.00 credits must be earned in the specific diploma program at the University or one of the Colleges; a maximum of 6.00 transfer credits for approved equivalent courses will be allowed.

The following are the specific requirements for the individual Diploma programs:

Students completing a second University of Guelph diploma may transfer, with approval, a maximum of 6.00 credits from their first diploma.

Application for Graduation

An "Application for Graduation" will be forwarded to each student registered in semester 4. If the student plans to graduate at the end of that semester, the application is to be returned by the date noted on the form.

Students who have not received an "Application for Graduation" form one week before the final date for submission of applications should contact the convocation clerk. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the completed form prior to the deadline date.

Applications for each convocation ceremony must be submitted by the deadline dates specified in Section III--Schedule of Dates. Late applications will be accepted for up to 10 working days after the due date with the submission of a late fee (refer to Section VI--Schedule of Fees). After 10 working days late applications will not be accepted but will be held for a subsequent ceremony.

Graduation Fee

The diploma graduation fee will be assessed when the student registers in the fourth semester.


Students must satisfy the schedule of studies requirements for the Associate Diploma Calendar in effect at the time of their last admission to the program if possible.

Time Limitations

The approved program must be completed within five consecutive calendar years from the time of initial registration at the University. This applies to part-time as well as full-time students.

Students, regardless of program, who do not register in their program of studies for 6 or more consecutive semesters are required to apply for readmission. Students who are studying on exchange programs, study abroad, or work terms are considered to be registered at the University.

Academic Residence Requirements

The academic residence requirement is registration as a full-time student for four semesters, or the equivalent as a part-time student. A student registered as part-time may count a semester of residence credit when the total courses taken equal the normal semester course load of a full-time student in the program.

University of Guelph courses include courses taken on exchange and on study abroad programs. Letter of permission courses are not included.

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