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VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Grade Reassessment

Grade re-assessment is the process of reviewing the calculation of grades, or the methods and criteria used to establish final grades for a student in a course or misapplication of an academic regulation. The outcome of a grade re-assessment may be a grade increase, a grade decrease, or no change to the grade. The detection of errors or omissions in the calculation of final grades will result in the assignment of a revised grade. Students normally initiate grade re-assessments, but instructors may initiate this process. However, instructors must NOT use the grade re-assessment process to:

Calculation Errors or Omissions

Students who believe there have been errors or omissions in the calculation of their final grade for a course may request a grade reassessment. They must submit a request in writing to the chair of the department offering the course no later than the 10th class day of the succeeding semester. The request must pertain to work completed during the semester. Students must also submit relevant assignments or tests that have been returned to them.

Where there is a change in the grade the student will be advised in writing. If there is no change to the grade, it is the chair's responsibility to inform the student in writing.

Methods or Criteria Used in Establishing Final Grades

The course outline distributed to the class at the beginning of the semester defines the methods and criteria used in establishing final grades for a course. The methods and criteria must conform to the grading procedures established by Senate and be continually reviewed by the department (see Final Grades).

Students who believe that the methods or criteria used by an instructor in determining a final grade have been unfair, unreasonable or inconsistent with the course outline, should request the chair of the department offering the course to review the methods or criteria used. They should submit the request in writing by the 10th day of the subsequent semester and should state the reasons for the request.

The chair shall make an effort to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both parties as soon as possible. Both the instructor and the chair are free to discuss the student's work with the student or another instructor in the department, but are not obliged to do so.

If both parties are able to come to an agreement, the chair shall prepare a statement of the agreement to be signed by both parties. If the agreement results in a change to the grade of the student, the chair shall inform Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

If at any time the chair decides that he/she cannot resolve the matter informally, he/she will terminate all efforts at reconciliation and notify both the student and the instructor of this decision. The chair will advise the student to make an appeal to the Senate Committee on Student Petitions. The student must appeal to the committee within 10 days of being advised of the termination of the chair's efforts.

Misapplication of an Academic Regulation or Procedure

Academic regulations and procedures pertaining to grades can be found in the subsection of the "Grades" section entitled "Grading Procedures". Students who believe that the misapplication of an academic regulation or procedure has affected their final grade in a course should discuss their concern with the instructor. If the concern is not resolved to their satisfaction they may submit a complaint in writing to the chair of the department offering the course.

If the chair has reason to believe that the instructor has not adhered to the grading procedures established by Senate (see Final Grades) or other academic regulations of Senate, the chair should consult with the faculty member and, if necessary, the college dean. Ultimately, the Provost and Vice President (Academic) may have to take the necessary action to ensure compliance with the academic regulations of Senate.

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