University of Guelph 2003-2004 Diploma Program Calendar

VIII--Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Letters of Permission

A student at the University of Guelph who wishes to enrol in a course for credit at another institution and have that course considered as a credit toward a University of Guelph degree or diploma, must complete a "Request for Letter of Permission" form, available from the program counsellor, and obtain the appropriate approvals as indicated on the request form, prior to applying for admission to the other institution.

Credit for successful completion of such courses will be granted at the University of Guelph if a letter of permission has been presented prior to the student's enrolment at the other institution. A student taking a course on a letter of permission is responsible for ensuring that the other institution forwards the official transcripts to the appropriate office. If the transcript for the course taken on a letter of permission is not received by the 20th class day of the semester following completion of the course, a grade of "000" will be entered on the student's internal academic record.

All courses for which a letter of permission has been granted (and the grades attained), will be included in all internal academic records, but not in the official transcript of the University of Guelph. These courses will count as course attempts under the continuation of study regulations. Courses taken on a Letter of Permission will not count in the semester average or the overall academic average.

Students do not normally qualify for a letter of permission in the final semester of their diploma program.

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