University of Guelph 2003-2004 Diploma Program Calendar

X--Associate Diploma Programs, Associate Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Option

This program provides a practical, skills-oriented approach to agricultural production systems as well as the opportunity to specialize in the equine field. At the same time students have the opportunity to improve their business and managerial skills. Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Option students integrate practical experience with the technical and scientific information that is required to be successful in a number of equine and/or agriculture related ventures. Business management, computer skills, and problem solving activities provide students with the abilities they require as self-employed managers of equine facilities, and as technical / sales employees of agri-business firms, commodity boards, and other agencies related to the agri-food system or the equine industry.

All colleges offer a general program that includes the core course requirements for the Diploma supplemented with elective courses. However, the Equine Option program is unique to Kemptville College. Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Options frequently combine their diploma studies with certificates in riding, coaching and horsemanship or standard bred. Descriptions for these and other equine certificates are available elsewhere in this calendar.

Required Courses

Semester 1 - Fall

DAGR*1XXX [0.50] Stable Mangement

DAGR*1300 [0.50] Soil Principles

DAGR*1350 [0.50] Agricultural Mechanization and Safety

DAGR*1600 [0.50] Applied Mathematics

DAGR*1610 [0.50] Computer Applications

DAGR*1800 [0.50] Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Semester 2 - Winter

DAGR*1200 [0.50] Applied Plant Science

DAGR*2110 [0.50] Business Accounting

DAGR*2600 [0.50] Communication Skills

DAGR*2820 [0.50] Stable Management II

DAGR*3820 [0.50] Horse Feeds and Feeding

0.50 elective credits

Semester 3 - Fall

DAGR*3100 [0.50] Business Management

DAGR*3810 [0.50] Horse Conformation and Lameness

DAGR*4810 [0.50] Horse Health

1.50 elective credits

Semester 4 - Winter

DAGR*4600 [0.50] Human Resource Mangement

DAGR*4610 [0.50] Business Project

DAGR*4800 [0.50] Equine Conditioning

DAGR*4820 [0.50] Equine Reproduction and Selection

1.00 elective credits


Agriculture students must take at least 3.00 elective credits, all of which may be from programs other than Agriculture.

Some electives are offered subject to a minimum enrolment. Some DAGR* electives are common to several diploma programs.

A student may only choose or be awarded credit for a maximum of 2 (1.00 credits) of the following experiential learning options including Experiential Learning courses, Special Study projects, In-Service Training courses, or Field Placement courses. It is preferable that an Experiential Learning course is started the summer before the third academic semester. See course descriptions for DAGR*3510 and DAGR*3900.

Semester 2

DAGR*2010 [0.50] Applied Microbiology

DAGR*2360 [0.50] Machinery Maintenance

DAGR*2370 [0.50] Small Engines

Semester 3

DAGR*2240 [0.50] Crop Management Equine

DAGR*3120 [0.50] Business Marketing

DAGR*3300 [0.50] Land and Water Stewardship

DAGR*3350 [0.50] Welding

DAGR*3920 [0.50] Applied Biochemistry

DAGR*3930 [0.50] Equine Alternative Therapies

DAGR*3940 [0.50] Laboratory Techniques I

Semester 4

DAGR*1750 [0.50] Coaching Techniques

DAGR*3130 [0.50] Sales and Sales Management

DAGR*4830 [0.50] Equine Business (Facility) Management

DAGR*4840 [0.50] Laboratory Techniques II

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