2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

VII. Academic Advising

Faculty Advisors

Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor/Program Counsellor

Every major, minor, area of concentration or area of emphasis in a diploma/degree program is assigned a faculty advisor who advises students on the academic requirements of that particular specialization. The responsibilities of the faculty advisor/program counsellor are:

  • to be familiar with the academic requirements of the specialization, including eligibility to declare the specialization and graduation requirements

  • to assist students wishing to change or add specializations

  • to approve the declaration of the specialization to the student's diploma/degree program and to sign specialization approval

  • to assist the student to make academic decisions

  • to refer students to the program counsellors / associate director, as appropriate

  • to offer advice about meeting the requirements of the Schedule of Study for the specialization

  • to be reasonably available to meet with students, as requested

  • to assist with graduation checks, as requested

  • to approve substitutions or exemptions for the specialization

  • to be aware of career and graduate study opportunities related to the field of study

  • to assist with course selection issues related to the specialization

  • to provide information to the department, curriculum committee, program committee, and program counsellor / associate director about issues or concerns concerning the Schedule of Studies for the specialization

  • to provide information and advice to the department and college, as requested, around enrollment management issues