2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

X. Associate Diploma Programs

Distance Education

The University of Guelph offers diploma-level courses and certificate programs in horticulture and landscaping and in agriculture and food via Open Learning. Many diploma courses and one horticultural certificate program are available in French via Teleformation at Collège d'Alfred. Open Learning and Teleformation courses are in the distance independent study delivery mode.

Many of the diploma courses are directly transferable to agricultural college residential diploma programs but are not recognized as part of the courseload for full- or part-time students status but at present, the following Open Learning courses are transferable to the Associate Diploma in Agriculture or Horticulture programs provided that they are available and permission to take these Open Learning courses is given by the program counsellor prior to registration in them

Diploma Credit Courses Independent Study Courses (Equivalents)
DAGR*1200 335 Applied Plant Science
DAGR*1300 201 Soil Science
DAGR*1600 319 Math for Farm Managers
DAGR*2110 336 Financial Accounting
DAGR*2200 304 Forages
DAGR*2210 315 Weed Control in Agriculture
DAGR*2600 317 Communications
DAGR*3300 232 Land and Water Resources
Electives (each course listed below is equivalent to 1 elective course)

202 Business Management Principles

230 The Complete Beekeeper

305 Pet/Animal Care I

323 Animal Diseases and Parasites

324 Pharmacology

350 Certified Crop Protection Consultant

DAGR*1300 2 Soils for Hort. Crops
DAGR*1300 66 Weed Control in Horticulture
DHRT*2100 70 Elements of Garden Design
DHRT*2200 8 Elementary Plant Propagation
DHRT*3090 69 Landscape Construction Techniques
DHRT*3150 77 Nursery Production
DHRT*3160 16 Turf Management
DHRT*3170 66 Weed Control in Horticulture
DHRT*4000 4 Ornamental Plant Protection
DHRT*4200 38 Golf Course Design and Construction
Electives (each course listed below is equivalent to 1 elective course)

28 Landscape Planning of Large Areas

63 Starting a Green Business

64 The Naturalized Landscape

68 Landscape Graphic Techniques

73 The Home Gardener

74 Conserving Woodlands

66 Weed Control in Horticulture

606 Viticulture

609 Wine Marketing: An Introduction for Canadians

Turfgrass Management
Electives each course listed below is equivalent to 1 elective course)

64 The Naturalized Landscape

762 Marketing Management

765 Retail Management

766 Business Law for Golf Managers

Two or more Open Learning Courses for one credit (elective) in the Diploma Program are as follows:

DAGR*2000 321 Livestock Production Systems

322 Animal Physiology

1 elective course 307 Feed Technology

308 Animal and Poultry Health

311 Feed Regulation

1 elective course 309 Animal Nutrition

310 Feed Formulation

1 elective course 314 Energy on the Farm

326 Field Sprayers

1 elective course 600 Meats I

601 Meats II

602 Meat Technology

DHRT*1050 71 Woody Plants

54 Landscaping with Bedding Plants

DHRT*2000 12 Greenhouse Management

62 Commercial Floriculture

1 elective course Any two of:

191 The Horticulturist I

192 The Horticulurist II

193 The Horticulturist III

2 elective courses If all three #191, #192, #193
Turfgrass Management
DTM*1400 71 Woody Plants

54 Landscaping with Bedding Plants