2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Agriculture

Required Courses

Semester 1 - Fall

DAGR*1000 [0.50] Livestock Systems
DAGR*1200 [0.50] Applied Plant Science
DAGR*1300 [0.50] Soil Principles
DAGR*1350 [0.50] Agricultural Mechanization and Safety
DAGR*1600 [0.50] Applied Mathematics
DAGR*1610 [0.50] Computer Applications
DAGR*1620 [0.25] Computer Applications - Part I (Ridgetown Only)
DAGR*1720 [0.25] Communication Skills - Part I (Ridgetown Only)

Semester 2 - Winter

DAGR*2100 [0.50] Marketing and Policy
DAGR*2110 [0.50] Business Accounting
DAGR*2600 [0.50] Communication Skills
DAGR*2620 [0.25] Computer Applications - Part II (Ridgetown Only)
DAGR*2720 [0.25] Communication Skills - Part II (Ridgetown Only)
1.50 elective credits

At some locations DAGR*1350 may be scheduled in semester two and DAGR*2600 may be scheduled in semester one to accommodate faculty and/or physical resource availability; DAGR*2600 and DAGR*1610 may be scheduled both F and W at some locations to accommodate the need for laboratory facilities.

Semester 3 - Fall

DAGR*3600 [0.50] Food Systems
DAGR*4100 [0.50] Commodity Marketing (Collège d'Alfred only)
2.50 elective credits (2.00 elective credits at Collège d'Alfred)

Semester 4 - Winter

2.50 elective credits (Collège d'Alfred only)
DAGR*4600 [0.50] Human Resource Management (Ridgetown only)
One of:
DAGR*4610 [0.50] Business Project
DAGR*4620 [0.50] Farm Project
An additional 2.00 elective credits