2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Option


Agriculture students must take at least 3.00 elective credits, all of which may be from programs other than Agriculture.

Some electives are offered subject to a minimum enrolment. Some DAGR* electives are common to several diploma programs.

A student may only choose or be awarded credit for a maximum of 2 (1.00 credits) of the following experiential learning options including Experiential Learning courses, Special Study projects, In-Service Training courses, or Field Placement courses. It is preferable that an Experiential Learning course is started the summer before the third academic semester. See course descriptions for DAGR*3510 and DAGR*3900.

Semester 2

DAGR*2010 [0.50] Applied Microbiology
DAGR*2360 [0.50] Machinery Maintenance
DAGR*2370 [0.50] Small Engines

Semester 3

DAGR*2240 [0.50] Crop Management (Equine)
DAGR*3120 [0.50] Business Marketing
DAGR*3300 [0.50] Land and Water Stewardship
DAGR*3350 [0.50] Welding
DAGR*3920 [0.50] Applied Biochemistry
DAGR*3930 [0.50] Equine Alternative Therapies
DAGR*3940 [0.50] Laboratory Techniques I

Semester 4

DAGR*1750 [0.50] Coaching Techniques
DAGR*3130 [0.50] Sales and Sales Management
DAGR*4830 [0.50] Care and Management of an Equine Business
DAGR*4840 [0.50] Laboratory Techniques II