2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XI. Certified Programs

Collège d'Alfred

International Development Postdiploma Program (OCAS program Code A106)

This one year post-diploma program provides students, who already have completed a primary professional training, the means to break into the international development job market. This very practical program is built around three activities: a field trip, a development project proposal and a developing country in-service training.

Course List

CDEV*1100 Business Management
CDEV*1200 Group Facilitation and Team Work
CDEV*1300 Pre-Departure Training
CDEV*1400 International Development
CDEV*1500 Spanish Conversation I
CDEV*1600 Developing Country Field Trip
CDEV*1700 Business Accounting
CDEV*1800 Project Management
CDEV*1900 Marketing
CDEV*2000 Humanitarian Relief
CDEV*2100 Development Project
CDEV*2200 Knowledge and Tech. Transfer
CDEV*2300 Adaptation of Professional Knowledge
CDEV*2400 Cross-Cultural Communications
CDEV*2500 Spanish Conversation II
CDEV*2600 Developing Country In-Service Training