2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XI. Certified Programs

Collège d'Alfred

Food Processing Technology Program(OCAS program Code A2-18)

College d'Alfred, in collaboration with McGill University, has designed a unique program that will enable students to benefit from the many employment opportunities in the Food Processing Industry.

This 34 week intensive program provides students with the skills and techniques that are in demand among employers. It combines practical understanding of food processing with the technical and scientific information that is required to successfully operate modern food processing plants. In addition to the technical skills and knowledge required to perform the duties, valuable insights into communication, organizational and interpersonal behaviour will contribute to the student's success. Applicants must have obtained an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent) to be accepted in the program. Students are encouraged to complete senior level courses (grade 11 and/or 12) in mathematics, biology and chemistry.

Course List

CFPT*1010 Food Processing Project - Part A and B
CFPT*1020 Organizational Behaviour
CFPT*1030 Food Analysis
CFPT*1040 Food Chemistry
CFPT*1050 Food Microbiology
CFPT*1060 Food Packaging
CFPT*1070 Food Processing
CFPT*1080 Hygiene and Sanitation
CEPT*1090 Food Laws and Regulations
CFPT*1100 Plant Operations & Proces. Equipment
CFPT*1200 Food Safety and Quality