2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XI. Certified Programs

Kemptville College

Arboriculture Program

OCAS Program Code K107 - Two Semesters (begins in September)

Increasingly federal, provincial and municipal services, as well as parks and conservation authorities and horticultural businesses, including fertilizer and chemical dealers, are seeking employees with an interest in large trees and with specialized knowledge in how trees contribute to the urban landscape. Students will learn how trees function, how to use integrated pest management to control diseases and insect problems, how to improve fertility through proper soil management and how to scout for tree problems. Business management skills are also taught. Students will also learn how to cable and brace trees and to fell trees. Students must supply own basic safety equipment and some climbing equipment. Courses leading to external licenses and certificates also available.

Semester 1
CARB*5110 Starting a Small Business
CARB*5120 Tree Management I
CARB*5130 Tree Identification
CARB*5170 Climbing I
DAGR*1200 [0.50] Applied Plant Science
DAGR*1300 [0.50] Soil Principles
DAGR*1610 [0.50] Computer Applications
DAGR*3700 [0.50] Agroforestry
Semester 2
CARB*5210 Tree Morphology and Physiology
CARB*5220 Tree Management II
CARB*5230 Tree Pest Identification & Management
CARB*5250 Climbing II
CARB*5260 Computer Applications II
CARB*5270 Equipment Operation, Maintenance & Management
CARB*5290 Safety
DAGR*4050 [0.50] Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Selection
DAGR*4610 [0.50] Business Project