2004-2005 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XI. Certified Programs

Ridgetown College

Veterinary Medical Office Administration Program

OCAS Program Code R101 (2 semesters)

This certificate program offers specialized training to prepare the student for a front-line role in the field of animal health. The principal objectives are to develop effective interpersonal communication skills, business management skills and the basic technical skills and knowledge of animal care, and the practices and protocols of a veterinary clinic. Other employment opportunities include animal shelters, pet stores, boarding facilities, emergency clinics and referral hospitals. Applicants must have obtained an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent).

CVMR*1010 Business Communications
CVMR*1020 Computers
CVMR*1030 Interpersonal Communications
CVMR*1040 Introduction to Animal Care
CVMR*1050 Laboratory Procedures
CVMR*1060 Nutrition
CVMR*1070 Pharmacology
CVMR*1080 Veterinary Anatomy and Terminology
CVMR*1090 Veterinary Medical Office Procedures I &II
CVMR*1100 Work Placement

Contact Carolyn Lucio, Business Development and Training Group, Ridgetown College directly at 519/674-1524 (email: clucio@ridgetownc.uoguelph.ca), fax 519-674-1530 for information on admission requirements, fees and courses.