2005-2006 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XI. Certificate Programs

Kemptville College

Industrial Welding and Fabrication

OCAS Program Code K110 - Two Semesters

Industrial Welding and Fabrication Certificate is the newest certificate program being offered by the Power & Equipment Centre at Kemptville College. This course starts in January and is designed for students with previous welding experience who have chosen to make welding a full-time career. The selection of courses has been assembled to meet the requirements of industry in Canada and world wide. Students will be introduced to many new welding and metallurgy techniques. Graduates will have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to add to their resume. Industry recognized inspectors will provide testing and tickets for a variety of plate and pipe welds. This program is recognized by both the Canadian Welding Bureau and the Technical Standards and Safety Association. Employment opportunities include manufacturing, custom fabrication, pipeline construction, commercial building construction, general contracting/road construction, marine and aviation, and equipment repair.

Semester 1
CIUF*AW01 0AW-OXY-Acetylene Weld I
CIUF*AW02 SMAW-Sheilded Metal ARC I
CIUF*AW03 MIG-Metal Inert Gas I
CIUF*AW04 OA-OXY-Acetylene Flame
CIUF*AW05 Blueprint Reading and Layout
CIUF*AW07 Computer Applications I
CIUF*AW08 Equipment Maintenance I
CIUF*AW09 Basic Machine Shop I
CIUF*AW10 Ontario Business Practices I
Semester 2
CIUF*AW11 SMAW-Sheilded Metal ARC II
CIUF*AW12 MIG-Metal Inert Gas II
CIUF*AW13 TIG-Tungsten Inert Gas
CIUF*AW14 Plasma Cutting
CIUF*AW15 Fabrication II
CIUF*AW16 Computer Applications II
CIUF*AW17 Equipment Maintenance II
CIUF*AW18 Basic Machine Shop II
CIUF*AW19 Ontario Business Practices II
CIUF*AW20 Metallurgy
CIUF*AW21 Welding Theory