2005-2006 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

XIII. General Information

University of Guelph General Information

Student Life and Career Services (Guelph Students)

Student Life and Career Services supports the mission and strategic directions of the University of Guelph by facilitating successful student transitions to, through, and from university life and study. The Student Life unit includes the Aboriginal Resource Centre, Centre for New Students, citizenship and leadership education, service and involvement programs, student activities, and neighbourhood relations. Career Services is composed of career planning, online career development programs, further education planning, job search planning, job posting services, on-campus recruitment, employer events, employer experience and employer development. The department also operates the Information Desk, located at the South Entrance to the University Centre, and the Connection Centre, an integrated resource centre housing materials on a wide range of student career development, student employment, and transition topics, on Level 3 of the University Centre.