2006-2007 University of Guelph Diploma Program Calendar

X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Agriculture

This program provides a practical, skills-oriented approach to agricultural production systems and affords its students an opportunity to improve their business and managerial skills. Diploma in Agriculture students integrate practical experience in agricultural production with the technical and scientific information that is required to successfully operate modern food production enterprises. Business management, computer skills, and problem solving activities provide students with the abilities they require as self-employed managers of production systems, and as technical/sales employees of agri-business firms, commodity boards, and other agencies related to the agri-food system.

Alfred, Kemptville and Ridgetown Colleges offer a general program that includes the core course requirements for the Diploma supplemented with elective courses with specialization in particular areas of study available as shown in the table. Students have the option of moving to one of the other colleges for one or two semesters of study. Students at all colleges have access to the general curriculum and students at each college receive the same diploma at graduation. Semester 3 is normally the best semester to study at another college, particularly if it has a specialization and additional courses in which a student is interested. Students will be encouraged to consider these intercollege transfer opportunities with their program counsellor.