VIII. Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Notes on Academic Structure

Provincial Diploma Programs Committee

The Provincial Diploma Programs Committee is a subcommittee of the Board of Undergraduate Studies comprised of one faculty/instructor and one senior diploma student from the College Curriculum Committees at OAC and the three Campuses, plus 8 ex-officio members including the Dean of OAC; the Director, Agri-Food Diploma Programs; the Associate Directors from each Campus; the Co-ordinator of Undergraduate Curriculum; the Director, Counselling and Student Development Centre (Guelph); and the Associate Registrar Undergraduate Program Services. The Committee has the responsibility to manage curriculum, approve new/deleted courses, review and revise the schedule of studies and make recommendations to the Board of Undergraduate Studies.

Other responsibilities include:

  • to review and submit course proposals and revisions to the provincial committee

  • to appoint an Academic Review Committee to process all student requests for supplementals, academic consideration, absences from examinations etc.

  • to appoint an Admissions Committee to deal with readmission, appeals, and recommend changes to the admissions criteria

  • to oversee student counselling, advising and student services at their location

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