VIII. Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures


Release of Final Grades

University grades are official on the day that they are mailed to students (refer to Section III--Schedule of Dates).

All grade reports are released by mail. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that correct address information is reported. Duplicate copies are not released until the first day of classes of the subsequent semester. Students who require confirmation before that date may request an official transcript upon payment of the transcript fee.

Grades for students who have been advised by the College that they are on academic sanction will not be released until notification/authorization is received indicating that the account has been cleared to the satisfaction of Student Financial Services. To receive grades, students must clear their sanction by the last day of classes.

Students who are required to withdraw will be notified at their mailing address.

Summer Session grades are released approximately two weeks after the conclusion of examinations. The grades and the continuation of study status are considered to be unofficial until the end of the Summer Semester.

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