XI. Certificate Programs

Ridgetown Campus

Landscape Management Co-op Program

OCAS Program Code R102

(2 semesters + 460 hours co-op placement)

This certificate program offers students the opportunity to gain educational as well as practical hands on training in the landscape industry. During the course students will obtain industry certifications that will make them highly employable in this industry. Upon completion most students are employed by landscaping contractors, lawn care companies, garden centres, municipal and private parks. This program is a great introduction to all aspects of managing a landscape.

Semester 1 - Fall
CLM*6300 Landscape Maintenance
CLM*6400 Equipment Operations & Maintenance I
CLM*6500 Plant Materials I
CLM*7100 Insect & Disease Identification I
CLM*7300 Pesticide Training and Certification
CLM*7400 Computer Applications I
CLM*7800 Landscape Design & Installation I
Semester 2 - Winter
CLM*6000 Plant Production & Propagation
CLM*6450 Equipment Operations & Maintenance II
CLM*6550 Pant Materials II
CLM*6600 Urban Tree Care
CLM*7150 Insect & Disease Identification II
CLM*7450 Computer Applications II
CLM*7850 Landscape Design & Installation II
CLM*9100 Industry Work Co-op (15 weeks)

Contact Carolyn Lucio, Business Development and Training Group, Ridgetown Campus directly at 519/674-1524 (email: clucio@ridgetownc.uoguelph.ca), fax 519-674-1530 for information on admission requirements, fees and courses.

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