XIII. General Information

University of Guelph General Information

Students With Disabilities (CSD)

The University of Guelph is committed to creating a barrier-free environment. We feel that providing services for students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among students, faculty and administration. This relationship is based on respect of individual rights, the dignity of the individual and the University community's shared commitment to an open, supportive learning environment.

The CSD is staffed with special needs advisors, strategists, specialists and administrative support. Our services are complemented by Peer Helpers and volunteers who provide one-to-one assistance. When necessary, referrals are made to other services such as personal counselling, career counselling and Student Health Services.

The CSD provides support by implementing appropriate exam and classroom accommodations, advising students on academic, personal, and disability issues, and educating students on how to develop effective learning strategies. The staff and volunteers of the CSD also develop workshops, events and educational campaigns designed to promote greater awareness and understanding of disability issues in the University community.

Admission Procedures

The University of Guelph is committed to ensuring equal access for students with disabilities. The University encourages applications from students with disabilities and will provide admission information to applicants in alternate formats (Braille, audio tape) upon request.

If you need assistance with the admission process or your marks do not reflect your ability, contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities or Admission Services (extension 58721) for further information.

All information that you provide is held in confidence and the disclosure of a disability will in no way jeopardize your chance of admission.

Upon admission, students requiring services and accommodations related to their disability must forward supportive documentation of their disability to the Centre for Students with Disabilities. In the case of students with learning disabilities, documentation should include a recent and valid psycho-educational assessment.

Services (at Guelph)

The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) works with students who have hearing, visual, learning, medical, physical or psychological disabilities. The Centre has a variety of resources providing support and resources that will facilitate success in the academic process. Resources such as taped texts, writing tutors, computer assisted technology, photocopy services, notetakers, interpreters and library assistance are available. Counselling is provided in the academic, financial, residential and personal areas. Advisors will also liaise with faculty to ensure that the proper classroom and exam accommodations are available to the student. A learning disabilities strategist is available to provide learning strategy instruction and counselling related to their disability. The CSD is located on the 3rd Floor, University Centre, extension 56208.

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