X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Option

This program provides a practical, skills-oriented approach to agricultural production systems as well as the opportunity to specialize in the equine field. At the same time students have the opportunity to improve their business and managerial skills. Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Option students integrate practical experience with the technical and scientific information that is required to be successful in a number of equine and/or agriculture related ventures. Business management, computer skills, and problem solving activities provide students with the abilities they require as self-employed managers of equine facilities, and as technical / sales employees of agri-business firms, commodity boards, and other agencies related to the agri-food system or the equine industry.

All campuses offer a general program that includes the core course requirements for the Diploma supplemented with elective courses. However, the Equine Option program is unique to Kemptville Campus. Diploma in Agriculture - Equine Options students frequently combine their diploma studies with certificates in riding, coaching and horsemanship. Descriptions for these and other equine certificates are available elsewhere in this calendar.

University of Guelph
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