VII. Academic Advising

Program Counsellors / Associate Directors

Role of the Program Counsellor / Associate Director

The Program Counsellor / Associate Director has particular expertise in the diploma program requirements and regulations, as well as the various specializations and their fit within the diploma program. The Program Counsellor / Associate Director is also familiar with the policies and procedures that govern university practice. The role of the program counsellor/Associate Director is to:

  • provide information about the academic requirements of the diploma program, including admission requirements, Schedule of Studies requirements, Continuation of Study requirements, and graduation requirements

  • refer to other campus services, as necessary

  • communicate information about the degree program to the dean, chairs and directors, faculty advisors, curriculum committees, program committees (and their sub-committees); and to bring forward any concerns or issues as students progress through the Schedule of Studies for the degree program

  • liaise with the faculty advisor for the specialization, in order to provide information about the degree program and the fit of the specialization within the degree program

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