X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Risk Management

Required Courses Offered

The diploma requires the completion of a minimum of 12.00 credits plus the field placement course.

Core Requirements:

(Offered Fall Semester)

DAGR*1090 [0.50] Communications & Software Applications I (1st year students)
DAGR*1600 [0.50] Applied Mathematics *
DFN*1020 [0.50] Food Preparation and Theory *
DFN*1190 [0.50] Introduction to Food Processing **
DFN*2010 [1.00] Human Nutrition and Physiology **
DFN*2130 [0.50] Food Cost Control *
DFN*2200 [0.50] Food Service Design and Equipment *
DFN*2250 [0.50] Food Microbiology **
DFN*3250 [0.50] Menu Planning and Design *
DFN*4110 [0.50] Product Development and Marketing (2nd year students)

(Offered Winter Semester)

DAGR*2090 [0.50] Communications & Software Applications II (1st year students)
DAGR*4600 [0.50] Human Resource Management (2nd year students)
DFN*3070 [0.50] Food Chemistry *
DFN*4030 [0.50] Food, Beverage, Labour Cost Control **
DFN*4050 [0.00] Field Placement (2nd year students)
DFN*4180 [1.00] Safety and Food Quality Control **
DFN*4190 [0.50] Food Service and Catering **
DFN*4200 [0.50] Management Case Study (2nd year students)
DFN*4400 [0.50] Clinical Nutrition *

* Even year

** Odd year

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1