XI. Certificate Programs

Kemptville Campus

Industrial Welding and Fabrication

OCAS Program Code K101 - Two Semesters (28 wks., begins in September)

This 2 semester (24 week) program provides students with the knowledge and practical training to perform basic welding techniques using major arc welding methods. Students will learn to interpret blueprints, cut, form, fit, and weld a variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals in sheet, plate, pipe, and structural shop forms. Kemptville Campus’s professional teaching environment and emphasis on essential employability skills and sustainable practices prepare graduates to enter the work force as welders in a wide range of settings.


The curriculum content meets and exceeds the MTCU apprenticeship in-school curriculum standards for the Welder and Metal Fabricator Level 1 – Common Core (456A and 437A). Students who successfully complete the IWF certificate are eligible to challenge the welding apprenticeship Level 1 equivalency exam.

IWF Courses and Instructional hours over two semesters; 24 weeks
CIWF*1301 Trade Safety ( 30 hours)
CIWF*1302 Trade Calculations (34 hours)
CIWF*1303 Electricity & Power Tools (24 hours)
CIWF*1304 Workplace Communication Essentials (48 hours)
CIWF*1305 Blueprint Reading (48 hours)
CIWF*1306 Fabrication & Layout (72 hours)
CIWF*1307 Oxy-Fuel Welding & Thermal Cutting Process (36 hours)
CIWF*1308 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( 78 hours)
CIWF*1309 Gas Metal Arc Welding (92 hours)
CIWF*1310 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (104 hours)
CIWF*1311 Welding Fundamentals (96 hours)
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