X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Agriculture

Restricted Electives

Students must take a total of at least 3.00 restricted electives from the following lists:

Some restricted electives courses require prerequisites. Students should check the course descriptions for prerequisite requirements and consult with their program advisor when planning their program.

  1. Students must take at least 0.50 credits from:

    DAGR*4610 [0.50] Business Project
    DAGR*4650 [0.50] Farm Project

  2. Students must take at least 0.50 credits from:

    DAGR*3080 [0.50] Marketing
    DAGR*4100 [0.50] Commodity Marketing

  3. Livestock Production

    DAGR*2070 [0.50] Livestock Evaluation and Selection
    DAGR*3010 [0.50] Dairy Production I
    DAGR*3040 [0.50] Pork Production
    DAGR*4010 [0.50] Animal Health
    DAGR*4020 [0.50] Poultry Production
    DAGR*4120 [0.50] Dairy Production II
    DAGR*4180 [0.50] Cattle Herd Management
    DAGR*4190 [0.50] Ruminant Nutrition

  4. Plant Production

    DAGR*2200 [0.50] Cereal and Forage Management
    DAGR*3250 [0.50] Fruit Production
    DAGR*3260 [0.50] Vegetable Production
    DAGR*4210 [0.50] Crop Diagnostics and Recommendations
    DAGR*4150 [0.50] Renewable Energy & Agriculture
    DHRT*2000 [0.50] Greenhouse Management
    DHRT*2200 [0.50] Plant Propagation
    DHRT*4190 [0.50] Greenhouse Vegetable Production

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