VIII. Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures


Cancellation/Withdrawal Procedure

If a student has made payment arrangements and wishes to cancel their semester registration before the first day of classes they must drop all their courses via WebAdvisor. If the student is unable to access WebAdvisor they must send an email, which includes their student id number, from their account to Office of Registrarial Services, Enrolment Services at asking to have their semester registration cancelled. The cancelling of the courses prior to the first day of the classes will generate the appropriate refund.

Students are advised that there is a withdrawal procedure in effect as of the first day of classes (see Withdrawal). Students will be liable for fees payable in accordance with the refund schedule (see Section VI--Schedule of Fees regarding Refunds).

Once the payment has been submitted, please do not put a stop payment on your cheque. This does not constitute cancellation and will only result in a cheque refusal fine being charged.

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