IV. Admission Information

Advanced Standing Admission

3. Advanced Standing Applications from Recognized Community Colleges or Other Post-Secondary Institutions

The University of Guelph will also consider the granting of advanced standing for studies completed in certain post-secondary institutions. Included in this category are:

a. Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, and Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning

Applicants from appropriate programs may be considered for admission with advanced standing in accordance with the following policy:

  1. Transfer credits are determined by the Admissions Committee of the program to which the student is admitted and where applicable, in accordance with any existing articulation agreement or pathway. Please refer to the information at the beginning of Chapter IV on Articulation Agreements.

  2. Transfer credits will be based on courses completed normally with a grade of 'B' or better, where those courses are deemed appropriate to the program to which the student is admitted at this University. A minimum overall average of B is normally required in diploma programs for consideration of any transfer credit.

  3. Up to10.00 credits may be granted to students transferring from a three-year diploma program, and up to 5.00 credits may be granted to students transferring from a two-year diploma program. The granting of additional transfer credits will be considered in the case of graduates from a one-year post-diploma program.

  4. Should a student transfer to a different program after admission to the University of Guelph, credits assigned upon admission may be re-assessed where deemed appropriate by the Admission Committee of the program.

b. Colleges of Agricultural Technology

Graduates of the two-year Associate Diploma programs or other two-year programs offered by the Colleges of Agricultural Technology may receive a maximum of 5.00 transfer credits upon admission to a degree program. Graduates admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program, Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management program, and Bachelor of Commerce, Food and Agricultural Business program may be eligible for additional transfer credit. A minimum overall average of 70% is required in the Associate Diploma Program(s) for consideration of any transfer credit.

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