VIII. Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities - Policy

2. Principles for the Provision of Academic Accommodation

  1. A student will be required to provide satisfactory documentation to SAS in accordance with section 4 of the Procedures from an appropriate Regulated Health Professional in order to substantiate the existence of a Disability and describe the functional limitations experienced.

  2. Students will not be required to disclose Diagnostic Information to Course Instructors in order to receive an Academic Accommodation.

  3. A student who is undergoing diagnostic assessment or who needs a reasonable opportunity to acquire documentation in support of Academic Accommodations can request Interim Academic Accommodations.

  4. Decisions regarding Academic Accommodations are made on an individual basis and must be consistent with the Essential Requirements of the course or program.

  5. A student may request retroactive consideration. Information on these procedures is provided in the academic calendars under the Academic Consideration policy.

  6. The ultimate responsibility for the academic programming and educational policy of the University rests with Senate, and nothing in this Policy will be interpreted so as to alter Senate’s jurisdiction.

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