VIII. Associate Diploma Regulations and Procedures

Supplemental Privilege (credit for failed courses)

Procedures for Supplemental Privileges

  1. Students must request a supplemental privilege by submitting the request to their Program Counselor no later than the fifth class day of the semester following the failure. Students are encouraged to submit their request before classes begin to allow for receipt of a decision within the Add Period.

  2. The Academic Review Sub-Committee, upon receiving a request from the student, will consult with the course instructor to obtain the student’s performance record for the course, the instructor's recommendation concerning the appropriateness and feasibility of a supplemental privilege, and the conditions that would be necessary to ensure that the requirements for the course are fulfilled.

  3. The Academic Review Sub-Committee will consider the request and decide whether or not to grant a supplemental privilege.

  4. Enrolment Services will inform the student and the Department Chair of the Academic Review Sub-committee’s decision. It is the responsibility of the Department Chair/Director to advise the appropriate instructor if the supplemental condition has been granted.

  5. An instructor should not proceed with any supplemental privilege for a student until official notification of the granting of the privilege has been received from the Academic Review Sub-Committee or the Office of Registrarial Services.

  6. If the Academic Review Sub-Committee approves the request, the instructor responsible for the course will determine the nature of the privilege, which could be a written exam, an oral exam, an assignment, a laboratory practical, or any other method or combination of methods of evaluation.

  7. The instructor will complete a Terms of a Supplemental/Deferred Condition form advising the student of the exact nature and due dates of the supplemental privilege.

  8. If the instructor is unavailable to determine the details of the supplemental privilege, the Chair/Director of the Department of the department/school offering the course will take the necessary steps to assist in determining the requirements for completing the supplemental privilege.

  9. If the requirement includes, or takes the form of, the satisfactory completion of a two-hour examination, the instructor will indicate this on the recommendation to the Academic Review Sub-Committee. If the exam is significantly different from another two-hour exam already completed by the student, the instructor must make this clear on the Terms of a Supplemental/Deferred Condition form provided to the student. For example, if the student had originally been assessed on a final exam covering only the last four weeks of the semester, and is now to be assessed on a comprehensive two hour exam, the nature of the new examination must be communicated to the student at the time the Terms of a Supplemental/Deferred Condition form is completed. The supplemental privilege should be completed by at least the thirtieth class day of the semester following the failure.

  10. The student must contact the instructor within five days of notification in order to clarify the details of the supplemental condition.

  11. The instructor will promptly mark the supplemental privilege and will forward to the Chair/Director an indication as to whether the student has passed or failed the supplemental privilege. The Chair/Director will initial the instructor’s decision and forward it to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, by the date indicated in the request letter.

  12. Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, will charge the fee for the privilege (refer to Chapter VI - Schedule of Fees) and update the student’s record where appropriate with the results of the completion of the supplemental privilege.

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