X. Associate Diploma Programs

Associate Diploma in Veterinary Technology

Option 2 - Alternative Program (9 semesters over 3 years)


All courses are compulsory. Progression into the subsequent semester is dependent on the successful completion of each course in the previous semester. No elective courses are offered in this program.

Year 1

Fall Distance Education Courses
DVT*1100 [0.25] Large Animal Production and Management I
DVT*1110 [0.25] Intro to Veterinary Technology
Winter Distance Education Courses
DVT*1300 [0.25] Large Animal Production and Management II
DVT*2000 [0.50] Companion Animal Management
Summer Courses (On-Campus)
DVT*1010 [0.25] Anatomy and Physiology I
DVT*1040 [0.50] Medical Exercises I
DVT*1150 [0.50] Microbiology, Cytology and Hematology I
DVT*1350 [0.50] Pharmacology & Vet. Tech Math
DVT*2040 [0.50] Medical Exercises II
DVT*2050 [0.50] Urinalysis
DVT*2060 [0.50] Communications & Vet Software

Year 2

Fall Distance Education Courses
DVT*2100 [0.25] Veterinary Nursing Techniques I
DVT*2200 [0.25] Introduction to Immunobiology
Winter Distance Education Courses
DVT*2210 [0.25] Introduction to Anesthetic Principles
DVT*2220 [0.25] Introduction to Radiography
Summer Courses (On-Campus)
DVT*2150 [0.50] Hematology II
DVT*2300 [0.50] Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology II
DVT*2310 [0.25] Veterinary Nursing Techniques II
DVT*2320 [0.25] Surgical Exercises
DVT*2330 [0.25] Clinical Chemistry
DVT*2340 [0.50] Exercises in Radiography I
DVT*3070 [0.50] Animal Dentistry I

Year 3

Fall Distance Education Course
DVT*4090 [0.50] Laboratory & Exotic Animal Science
Winter Distance Education Course
DVT*3200 [0.25] Public Health
DVT*3210 [0.25] Veterinary Nursing Techniques III
Summer Courses (On-Campus)
DVT*3300 [0.25] Veterinary Nursing Techniques IV
DVT*3320 [0.25] Veterinary Parasitology
DVT*3330 [0.25] Veterinary Clinic Management
DVT*4030 [0.50] Radiography II
DVT*4050 [0.50] Surgical and Anaesthetic Principles II
DVT*4060 [0.00] Externship
DVT*4070 [0.50] Animal Dentistry II
DVT*4080 [0.50] Vet. Tech. Practical Applications
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