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Regulations: Executive Master of Business Administration

The University of Guelph and Athabasca University in Alberta jointly offer an electronically delivered MBA focused on agriculture. Participants are linked from home or their workplace with a network of learners and professors.

Admission as a regular student is granted, on recommendation of the department concerned, to:
   The university reserves the right to request Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) results in certain circumstances.
   The applicant must have confirmed access to computer equipment, including a modem.

Program Duration
   Students normally complete the MBA in agriculture in two to three years. Course modules are completed in predetermined sequence within a phase schedule, and are typically two months in length. On average, students allot 20 to 25 hours per week for study and participation in the program.

Students must complete the program within six years.

Program Requirements
The executive MBA in agriculture is completed in three phases:

Phase One, offered through Athabasca University, requires participants to complete six core management courses which provide a foundation for graduate management and accounting education. Phase One is normally completed within 14 months. Upon successful completion, students are awarded an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management (AGDM) from Athabasca University. Continuation into Phase Two of the MBA program is contingent upon successful completion of the AGDM.

Phase Two begins with a five-day intensive session on the University of Guelph campus, where participants meet to further develop the skills learned in Phase One and to prepare for Phase Two. This week focuses on the development of a full management plan for an agribusiness organization. Six courses in applied aspects of agricultural management are required for Phase Two.

Phase Three is comprised of a project-based dissertation in an applied agricultural situation which is a major piece of research requiring data collection, analysis and the ability to link understanding of the problem with an appropriate body of literature.

Program Fees
Tuition for the executive MBA program is payable at the beginning of each phase. Phase One tuition and admission fees, including software and software licences, are directed to Athabasca University. Tuition for subsequent phases, and registration and residency fees are payable to the University of Guelph. Phase Two tuition includes costs for accommodation and meals for the intensive five-day residency session. Note: Participants in the executive MBA program are not eligible for university scholarships.