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College of Arts Internal Awards

All ACCESS AWARDS are subject to specific terms and conditions as set out by the Ontario government's OSOTF program.  For the terms and conditions of these awards, please follow the ACCESS AWARD link that follows the award description.

Nancy Bailey Graduate Teaching Prize (English)
In honour of retired Prof. Nancy Bailey in recognition of her excellence as a teacher, an annual prize of $100 is made each winter semester to an outstanding graduate teaching assistant in the department. All Department of English students who provided teaching assistance in the previous winter, spring and/or fall semesters are eligible. No application is necessary

Alexander H. Brodie Memorial Award (Scottish Studies)
Gifts from friends of the late professor Alexander H. Brodie make possible financial assistance to an MA (or, if none are eligible, PhD) student for thesis research overseas related to Scottish studies. Application should be made to the Interdepartmental Committee on Scottish Studies by March 15.

Canadian Federation of University Women - Gueph (Fine Art)
An annual scholarship of $250 will be presented to a Master of Fine Art student whose work in studio and/or art history classes is considered outstanding. Preference will be given to a practicing female artist. Applicants should submit portfolios to the Chair of the Fine Art Department by January 15. This award is funded by the Guelph Chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women, which assists women to obtain higher education.

College of Arts Graduate Research Bursary
Supporters of the College of Arts, with the aid of the Ontario government's OSOTF program, have established a $500 bursary to assist a graduate student with demonstrated financial need with the costs associated with a special activity, such as research travel or conference attendance. Applicants should submit a completed Needs Assessment Form to Student Financial Services, and a letter outlining the importance of the proposed activity and the associated expenses to the Chair of the College of arts Awards Committee, by March 15. The award may be divided between two students at the discretion of the Committee and may be awarded retroactively for travel in the previous semester. ACCESS AWARD.
Robert Carr-Wiggin Prize (Philosophy)
This $500 award was established by the Guelph Philosophical Society in memory of Robert Carr-Wiggin, one of the first students to graduate from the PhD program in Philosophy. It is given to the graduate student in philosophy for the best paper that has been submitted to either a scholarly journal or a scholarly conference during the preceding year. Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Department of Philosophy by May 1 each year.

Ted Cowan Scholarship (Scottish Studies)
Prof. Cowan, for many years chair of Scottish studies in the Department of History, made major contributions to raising the awareness of Scottish studies both in the academic world and among the public as a whole. The award funds were raised by private donations and a grant from the Scottish Studies Foundation. In even numbered years, $500 is awarded to support research travel for a Guelph student in Scottish studies. PhD students who have completed or anticipate completing their qualifying examination, and MA students who have completed two semesters, may submit an application, including proposed research trip budget and statement of research plan, to the graduate coordinator of the department of registration by Sept. 1. Preference will be given to PhD students.

Delpha Awards
Five graduate entrance scholarships of $500 each may be awarded to College of Arts undergraduate alumni or, in the absence of qualified alumni, other applicants to college graduate programs. There is one award available to each department (Drama, English, Fine Art, History and Philosophy). These funds were donated by the College of Arts Alumni Association. Selection each winter semester is by departmental nomination to the college awards committee, and is based on highest cumulative averages of courses taken in the last four semesters of study. No application is necessary but students are advised to consult with the department regarding internal program application deadlines.

Department of English Outstanding Thesis Prize (English)
The department has an annual book prize to recognize outstanding achievement in the MA thesis, including the creative thesis option. No application is necessary.

English Graduate Scholarship (English)
Alumni from the College of Arts have donated funds to support an annual scholarship of $1,000 to be awarded each winter semester to an outstanding graduate student enrolled in the second semester of the MA program in English. Students must have maintained at least a first-class ('A-') average in each of the previous two years of study, including assessment of research performance to date in the first semester of study. No application is necessary.
John Galt Scholarships (History)
The John Galt Scholarships were established by the faculty of the Department of History with the aid of the Ontario government’s OSOTF program, to attract the most promising graduate students to the MA and PhD programs in History. Two scholarships of $1,500 each are available. They will be awarded to entering students who demonstrate financial need who have maintained a minimum cumulative 80% average. A student can be awarded more than one scholarship and these may be paid over more than one year, but the offer may be made only at the point of entry into the program. The payment of the scholarship in succeeding years will be conditional on continued financial need and on the maintenance of a minimum cumulative 80% average in the previous two years. Apply by letter with a completed Needs Assessment Form to Student Financial Services by May 1. ACCESS AWARD.

Department of History Graduate Essay Prizes (History)
Book prizes will be awarded in May to students who have written (i) an outstanding thesis, (ii) an outstanding major paper, and (iii) an outstanding course essay during the preceding twelve months. Students do not apply; all theses and major papers will be considered. Instructors will nominate course essays. Prizes may not be given out in each category every year.
Leslie Nielsen Dramatic Arts Scholarship (Drama, English, Fine Art)
In honour of Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen, the Olde Hide House of Acton, Ontario, provides an annual award of $5,000 each spring semester to an outstanding graduate student whose research is related to performance. Students need not apply; departments automatically consider first-class (at least 'A-' in the first two semesters of graduate study) students for nomination. Nominees will be asked to provide a 500-word description of their research to the college awards committee. Selection will be based on the project's contribution to the study of performance; projects that focus on the processes of writing, directing, or performative practices will receive particular consideration.
Helen O'Reilly History Scholarship (History)
To commemorate Helen O'Reilly, a mother who entered university as a mature student and went on to pursue graduate studies in history, her family, with the aid of the Ontario Government's OSOTF program, has established a scholarship of up to $1000 annually for a graduate student in the Department of History who has superior academic standing and demonstrated financial need. Apply to Student Financial Services with a completed Needs Assessment form by October 15. ACCESS AWARD.

Scottish Studies Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Through the generosity of the Scottish Studies Foundation and private donors, and with the assistance of the Ontario government's OSOTF program, this scholarship has been made available annually to an Ontario resident with demonstrated financial need who enters the Scottish Studies Programme at the University of Guelph. The scholarship provides $1500 in the first year and, providing the student maintains a Scottish Studies focus and an A- average, $1500 in the second year of study. Doctoral studies will be given first consideration. If none are eligible, Masters students will be considered. Eligible students should request the graduate committee of their Department or School to forward their names and application materials to the Scottish Studies Committee for consideration and submit a completed Needs Assessment Form to Student Financial Services by February 15. ACCESS AWARD.

The Tri-University Doctoral Program Annual Prize for the Best Historiographical Paper (History)
This $50 prize will be awarded each fall to the graduate student in the Tri-University doctoral program in History who has authored the highest quality historiographical paper submitted in a Tri-university seminar during the previous Fall, Winter, or Spring semesters. The selection committee may decide not to give the award in any year where, in the committee's judgement, there is not a paper of sufficiently high quality. Selection will be made by the Program Coordinating Committee.
The Tri-University Doctoral Program Annual Prize for the Best Scholarly Paper or Article (History)
A $50 prize will be awarded each fall to the graduate student in the Tri-University Program in History who has authored the best scholarly paper or article submitted for consideration by a conference or journal during the preceding academic year. Apply to the Chair, Department of History, by Sept. 1, submitting a copy of the paper or article and proof of its submission to a journal or conference. Selection will be made by the Program Coordinating Committee.

Warner-Lambert Printmaking Scholarship (Fine Art)
This scholarship of $500 is awarded to a graduate student registered in the master of fine arts program, who has the highest average in printmaking courses in the program and who will be specializing in printmaking as part of the MFA degree in the Department of Fine Art. No application is necessary.

The Michael and Virginia Walsh Scholarships in Philosophy (Philosophy)
Michael Walsh, BA '69, MA '70, PhD '93, and Virginia (Trimble) Walsh, BA '72, with the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund, have endowed two scholarships for philosophy students. All BA students majoring in philosophy, with demonstrated financial need, who are at or beyond semester 5, with at least an 80% (first class) average in all courses completed to date, are eligible to apply to Student Financial Services by December 1 for a $1000 award. All MA and PhD students in philosophy with demonstrated financial need, who are at or beyond semester 3 and not beyond semester 6, and have at least an 80% average (first class) average in all graduate work (course and research) completed to date, are eligible to apply to Student Financial Services by December 1, for a $1,500 award. All applicants must provide a completed Needs Assessment Form. Selection of the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate student, by the College of Arts Awards Committee, is on the recommendation of the Department of Philosophy Awards Committee, from eligible undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated financial need. ACCESS AWARD.

Paul M. Waters Memorial Award (English)
The Paul M. Waters family, in honour of Paul Waters (MA '89), has established a $500 award for a student who has completed two semesters in the English MA program and who has gained the respect of fellow graduate students both by demonstrating a high level of commitment to academic and community activities and by a light-hearted perspective toward all endeavours. Graduate students currently enrolled in the Department of English should submit their nomination to the chair, Department of English, before March 15.selection of the winner will be made by the College of Arts awards committee and the dean of Graduate Studies. Completed applications, accompanied by a transcript of record, should be made to the dean of the College of Arts by June 1.