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Graduate Student Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance: from the University of Guelph
Graduate students may expect to undertake teaching and research assistantships as an integral part of their academic programs. Before undertaking any kind of assistantship, however, graduate students must note that some fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries awarded by external agencies strictly limit the number of hours of service the holder may render to the university and/or limit the amount of money the holder may receive in some cases, from all sources. Students are responsible for abiding strictly by the terms of any such awards.
Financial assistance may be available to graduate students in several forms and combinations. These may include employment, research awards, scholarships and bursaries. Each of these is described briefly below. Students have the responsibility to ascertain precisely what remuneration will be received, if any, from the department or school in which they propose to register. The department or school has the responsibility to inform students about the duties they associate with that form of assistance.
When departments and schools make admission recommendations to Graduate Program Services, they also decide what funding (if any) will be provided to each person selected. These funding decisions may include one or more of the following:

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
Students appointed as graduate teaching assistants will be asked to perform only teaching-related duties. These may include preparing and conducting tutorials, laboratories and seminars; grading assignments, reports and examinations, and performing other related duties. Students may hold a GTA in a department in which they are not registered.
A copy of the collective agreement between the university and CUPE local 3913 unit 1, covering GTA employment, is available for students appointed as GTAs. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with these regulations. The GTA rate of pay is established annually.
The university provides T4 and T4A tax information slips each year to students with GTAs. These forms document the appropriate taxable portions of GTA funding. These slips are mailed to students in late February each year, for the previous tax year.

Graduate Service Assistant (GSA)