University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


Each candidate for a graduate degree, with some exceptions, is required to submit a thesis based upon the research conducted under the supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Details as to numbers of copies and arrangements for submission are given under the appropriate degree regulations. General specifications as to paper, format, order and binding are available from Graduate Program Services.

Submission of Thesis
   When the thesis, in its final form, has been prepared after the final oral examination, the candidate will bring two unbound copies to Graduate Program Services. Each copy must be submitted in a separate folder with the pages numbered and arranged in the appropriate order. The thesis must be free from typographical and other errors. When accepted by the dean, one copy will be retained for microfilming and for deposit in the McLaughlin Library after being bound. The second copy will be retained for eventual submission to the department.

Circulation and Copying of Thesis
   In normal circumstances, as a condition of engaging in graduate study in the university, the author of a thesis grants certain licences and waivers with respect to the circulation and copying of the thesis:
  1. to the chief librarian a waiver permitting the circulation of the thesis as part of the library collection;
  2. to the university a licence to make single copies of the thesis under carefully specified conditions;
  3. to the National Library of Canada a licence to microfilm the thesis under carefully specified conditions.
       Provision is made for the circulation and the copying of a thesis to be delayed for a period of up to twelve months from the date of successful final examination, good cause being given.

Copyright Provision
   Copies of the thesis shall have on the title page the words "In partial fulfilment of requirements for the degree of Master of Arts" (or Master of Science, etc.). The International Copyright notice ( ), which consists of three elements on the same line (a) the letter c enclosed in a circle, (b) the name of the copyright owner (the student) and (c) the year should appear as the bottom line on the title page of the thesis.

Copyright Policy
   Consistent with the foregoing, the Board of Governors has established an administrative policy on copyright. The policy statement may be consulted in the Research Policies Handbook.

Unacceptable Thesis
   In the event that a candidate is unable to prepare a suitable thesis, the advisory committee will so report to the graduate faculty of the department (the candidate will receive a copy of the report). The department chair is responsible for ensuring that the dean of Graduate Studies is promptly and fully informed of the circumstances.

Publications Arising from Research
   Graduate students share with other researchers the responsibility of disseminating information obtained in the course of their research. Accordingly, the university encourages graduate students to publish the results of their research projects without undue delay. In several departments, publication of journal articles is critical for their research programs. Such departments may establish procedures whereby the graduate student's adviser may arrange for submission of journal articles based on the graduate student's research, should the graduate student fail to make such submissions. The procedures should be in writing and should be made known to graduate students on entry into the program.