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School of Languages and Literatures


School of Languages and Literatures

Daniel Chouinard, McKn 265, X4891/4890

The School offers the following undergraduate programs:

Head : Dr. François Paré, McKn 284, X3187/3884

Head: Dr. Victor Matthews, McKn 243, x3152

Coordinator: Dr. John Pratschke, McKn 280, x3182

Head: Dr. Kari Grimstad, McKn 250, x3161

Head: Dr. Adnan Gökçen, McKn 282, x3185

Head: Dr. Gordana Yovanovich, McKn 277, x3180

     The School of Languages and Literatures does not presently offer programs for graduate students. Graduate students who are required by their departments to fulfil a language requirement should consult the Undergraduate Calendar. Classes in Frency, German, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish are all available. Any graduate students who considers their language ability sufficient to meet departmental requirements may submit to a test, in the first week of the fall or the winter semester. Requests should reach the Head of the program involved at least two weeks before the test. In the case of a pass, the School will report to the dean of Graduate Studies that the student has successfully passed a reading test in the language, and the student's record is annotated to that effect. Grades are not shown.
     Examinations are offered in French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin or Spanish, and others may be considered. Several members of the faculty in the School are members of the graduate faculty of other departments and participate in their graduate programs as follows:

Daniel Chouinard
BaSp, MA, PhD (Montréal) for SLAPSIE (MA in English/SLAPSIE)

Kari Grimstad
BA, MA, PhD (Toronto) Associate Professor (MA in Drama/Slapsie)

Victor J. Matthews
BA, Dip Ed Queen's (Belfast), MA Manchester, PhD Queen's (Belfast) Professor (MA/PhD in History)

Padraig O'Cleirigh
BA, MA National Univ. of Ireland, PhD (Cornell) Associate Professor (MA/PhD in History)

Dana Paramskas
BSL, MSL (Georgetown), PhD (Laval) (MA in English and Drama/SLAPSIE)

François Paré
BA (Montréal), PhD (SUNY) (MA and PhD in English and Drama/SLAPSIE)


Director of the School of Fine Art and Music
Mary Cyr (Zavitz 201, Ext. 8452)
The Music program does not presently offer programs for graduate students.


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